We Haven’t Come A Long Way, Baby: Unequal Pay

Women have found success in the workplace for decades. They have proven time and time again that they are more than capable of doing excellent work and performing at the highest levels in various types of industries. However, despite the fact that women have worked ceaselessly to minimize the gap between working men and women, they still receive less pay than men for doing the same jobs. Moreover, it seems as though this is a problem that will not be going away anytime in the near future.

The problem has existed for decades. Many individuals talk about it but it seems as though there are relatively few ways to fix the situation in the immediate future. The sad fact is that corporations and individuals who decide an employee’s pay rate are getting away with paying people less money for doing the same amount of work. This is unlikely to stop until they are held accountable or until women refuse to work for them.

However, simply walking away from a job and refusing to work for a company because it pays a woman less is not always an ideal solution. Bills must be paid. Furthermore, burning bridges makes it difficult to find a job in another location. A real solution to this problem is not likely to be found until social attitudes change about women in the workplace.

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