College students like to dress in comfortable, casual clothes, but joining the corporate world requires a serious wardrobe upgrade for recent graduates. Keep reading to learn more about how to update your wardrobe after graduation.

Once you have graduated from college, it is time to put the torn jeans, funny tee shirts, and running pants into the back of the closet; men will need to purchase suits, nice shoes, and a wide variety of ties when they enter the corporate world. Ladies may want to buy some new skirts and blouses, but they can also choose women’s business suits Read the rest of this entry »

For women who want to move up the corporate ladder, listening to the advice of those women at the top is a good start. They have the experience and smarts to know how to get there. Following their footsteps will make the whole process much easier. Here are a few tips from successful female CEOs.

Marla Kaplowitz is the CEO at MEC in North America, and she advises that women be curious and do a bit of Read the rest of this entry »

Women have found success in the workplace for decades. They have proven time and time again that they are more than capable of doing excellent work and performing at the highest levels in various types of industries. However, despite the fact that women have worked ceaselessly to minimize the gap between working men and women, they still receive less pay than men for doing the same jobs. Moreover, it seems as though this is a problem that will not be Read the rest of this entry »

Men have traditionally been the primary breadwinners in the family, but advances in education, technology, and women’s rights have changed this. If your husband feels threatened by the size of your paycheck, read on to learn how to deal with the problem.

Some men feel emasculated when their wives have greater earnings than they do, but women can usually convince their husbands that a larger paycheck is benefits both halves of the couple; after all, could your husband really afford to spend thousands Read the rest of this entry »

Women who perform the delicate balancing act of working outside of the home while taking care of a family definitely have a lot on their plates. It can sometimes prove to be extremely difficult to have a career while simultaneously keeping up with the demands of family and running a household. However, women who choose to have both can be quite successful.

At times, having one career is enough to make people reconsider their choices. However, Read the rest of this entry »